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DAITONG INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT (SZ) CO.,LTD is located Qianhai Free Trade Area, Shenzhen. In the spirit of "keeping pace with the times and creating first-class forever", we continue to provide our customers with the best service.

Services include: international express, air, sea, land and coastal container transportation, customs supervised transportation, general cargo transportation, bulk cargo distribution, international freight forwarding, customs declaration and inspection and other professional fields, as well as logistics consulting, comprehensive scheme design, supply chain design and other value-added services.

The company has strong strength and maintains good cooperative relations with major shipping companies, including cmacgm MAERSK. OOCL. EVERGREEN. APL. COSCO. YANGMING. And HMM. It is particularly closely related to OOCL, Maersk, APL and COSCO. The company plays an important role in the freezer customers of CMA-CGM and mask, and can provide guaranteed high-quality services for customers. In addition, our company has its own customs declaration outlets directly under Shekou, Yantian, Huanggang, Wenjindu and Shenzhen airport, and the company has more than 70 horsepower trailers, which can provide customers with services such as frozen container transportation, general container transportation, customs supervised vehicle transportation and domestic LCL transportation. At present, our company has agreements with many companies, warehouses, docks and so on. Therefore, we are closely linked in the cargo flow, cooperate closely, quickly and safely arrive at the destination, avoid cargo loss and provide customers with high-quality services. While developing business, the company attaches great importance to the vocational skill training and standardized management of employees, and cultivates a high-quality staff team with strong service awareness, high professional level and full of team spirit to provide customers with satisfactory services wholeheartedly.
420 Complete project
Since its establishment, the company has completed more than 420 international logistics cooperation projects
500 Serving customers
Since its establishment, the company has provided services to more than 500 customers
120 Company vehicles
Rigorous transportation organization and clean vehicles provide you with professional services
230Professional team
More than 230 excellent professional teams have completed more than 400 projects
——Type of shipping——

Air transportation can meet people's requirements for time during long-distance travel and fast cargo transportation
railway transportation It is less limited by natural conditions and has strong continuity, which can ensure good general performance throughout the year
Waterway transportation The general performance is also good. It can transport both passengers and goods, and can transport all kinds of goods
road transport Flexible, less cargo loss, fast transportation speed, door-to-door transportation and less investment
Create strong transportation accuracy
DAITONG INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT (SZ) CO.,LTD has an advanced information system, the whole process is visible, the three parties share in transit information, and the time is accurate to minutes, so that you can master the accurate progress of each business at any time. Strict process system, eliminate errors and accidents in system, improve emergency handling mechanism and guarantee system, and resolve losses in time. The company has a registered capital of 10 million. It has hundreds of formatting transport vehicles, such as Jiefang, Dongfeng, Isuzu and Cummings. It specializes in freight transportation services all over the world, and has strict transportation organization. It is a professional transportation company integrating supply chain.

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